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Catherine L
⏳ 12-2021

Something Very Special Here...

This is the real deal if you are up for an authentic Thai Theravada retreat. It’s not easy: up before dawn to the sound of a temple bell, hard beds, no meals after lunch and monster mosquitoes (bring strong repellant). Simple and no frills whatsoever. Buttons will be pushed, but that’s the whole point, find out what lies behind your buttons and you have a chance of disabling them forever. A retreat as demanding as this will be life changing for many. I was impressed with the mostly young people attending who gave it their all. If you are older, check that the short but steep climb to the meditation hall will be ok for you (help might be available). K. Reinhardt presented Buddhist teachings to us in an intelligently structured manner, the gentle team at Dipabhavan know what they are doing and they do it well. Lots of meditation time that enables a deep dig into the mind and its tricky ways :-) Something very special here, not least the fabulously lush jungly location!
⏳ 12-2021

Wonderful meditation retreat

I just finished the introduction to Meditation Retreat offered every month, registration on the 11th and ending on the 18th in the morning. Kuhn Reinhardt he’s an excellent teacher and I highly recommend the place.
⏳ 12-2021

Finding peace

The meditation hall is very well set up with fans, against heat and mosquitos.
They give you a sheet when you arrive.
Food was tasty and healthy.
Will come back again for sure.
Jay P
⏳ 12-2021

Deep retreat

The land is beautiful. The experience at Dipabhavan was a great experience. They sleep arrangements are austere. A Mosquito net and a bamboo mattress with a wooden pillow for comfort. It is part of the experience. I would advise bringing a neck pillow and bug spray.
The teacher, sister Ben was cheerful and provided a caring generous environment to go deep into meditation. I hope she continues to teach these retreats.
We are server only two meals a day as is traditional with monastic living. They are hearty and delicious meals.
We get in at least 4-5 hour of meditation accompanied by walking meditation.
There a three talks a day on traditional dharma teachings. No one is pressured or asked to convert to Buddhism. That is not the point of this retreat. The retreat is designed to give westerners a safe and peaceful environment to work with their mind in a genuine way.
I would encourage any new or well practiced meditation practitioner to spend a week in the mountains of Koh Samui in silence and let you heart open.
Lucas PlanetaEXO
⏳ 12-2021

Magical Experience

This was my first Vipassana experience and it’s hard to describe in words how wonderful it was for me.

Only after spending 7 days in silent meditation I could realize how our life and be overloaded with thoughts, feelings, suffering giving us no time to look within and feel and acknowledge our true self.

The environment was beautiful, we were in a very diverse, multicultural and respectful group. Our "guru" Sister Ben, was very humble, wise, helpful and with a great sense of humour, made easy to endure long hours of meditation and going deeper into the practice.

If you considering doing it, don’t think twice, read the other reviews, set a strong mindset, create no expectations and be ready to have a magical experience. If you are lucky to have Sister Ben, like I was, that will be even more special for sure!
⏳ 12-2021

Crucial Pro Tips

You’ll wish you brought these things:
- A Thermarest camping mattress. The sleeping surfaces are as hard as wood! It’s harder to meditate when you’ve had a poor night’s sleep.
- A Thermarest "Trail Seat" or "Z-seat". Your pillow is a piece of wood otherwise!
- A pair of swimming trunks. You’ll be bathing/showering, standing in naked view of all the others in your dorm! At least this is the case in the men’s dorm.
- Silicone earplugs. Not the cheap, disposable foam kind! You will not get your own bedroom. There will be loud snorers, that’s a guarantee. Wash the silicone earplugs with soap and water after each use, leave to dry, and they will last many times.
- Thick rubber kitchen gloves, no holes. You’ll want to kill any mold growing around where you sleep. Soap and water doesn’t kill the mold well. Use a bit of Toilet bowl cleaner on a sponge, with the rubber gloves. The Hydrochloric Acid in the Toilet bowl cleaner kills the mold much better. But don’t use too much, or splash it on yourself! Consider bringing/wearing a cheap face mask as well, as you clean any mold.
- A small bottle of alcohol hand sanitizer. In case soap is not readily avilable when you need it.
- Do you drink coffee? There’s only instant coffee available here. Your own supply of ground coffee, plus a small portable coffee maker like an "Aeropress" might be advisable.
- A couple rolls of toilet paper. These act as tissue and paper towel when you’re in a pinch. Your nose might run profusely after eating hot curries! (Mine does). No boxes of tissues are provided anywhere.
- Bug repellant. You’ll be meditating and walking outdoors. Sure there will be a roof over your head, when you meditate and sleep, but there are no doors or screens to keep mosquitos out of any building you’ll be using. There are quite a few mosquitos as well, in certain places.
Holly J
⏳ 12-2021

A life changing experience, but not necessarily in a good way.

I arrived at this meditation retreat a complete newcomer into the world of meditation. Having lived in Thailand for the past 6 months and been introduced into the world of Buddhism, I chose this retreat as an attempt to educate myself on the subject of meditation.

It goes without saying that a no speaking, two meal a day, solo 7 day retreat away from civilisation in the mountains of Koh Samui would be a challenge. And I do not say Challenge lightly at all. Expect wooden beds with no mattress, a wooden pillow, an itchy blanket and a thin mosquito net as your home for 7 days (or however long you decide to stay). Although, this retreat is undoubtably very beautiful. With a stunning meditation hall that sits on top of the mountain overlooking miles of greenery with just a glimpse of Lamai Beach in the far distance.

Having got over the initial challenges of this retreat, I began to find my flow, adjusting to the 4am wake up calls and relishing in the 9.30pm lights out rule. This became my new normal. I even began to enjoy the many hours of meditation and found myself doing it in my own time, too.

The worst part of this meditation retreat for me was sadly the Dharma Talks. The monk that gave our daily talks I found to be utterly unbearable (and it really pains me to say this about a Buddhist monk, but sadly it is just how I feel). I sat for uncountable hours listening to stories about his life, with many of them having no correlation on Buddhism at all. I feel that I could write a book about his life, yet tell you nothing about Buddhism. These endless talks felt like they continued for hours upon hours and as time went on, I began to detest my time at the retreat. Unfortunately, with this feeling in mind that I was unable to shake, I decided to leave the retreat a couple days early. I have now began to research into Buddhism and meditation myself and have learnt so much more than I did at this retreat, which is so sad.

I feel that this retreat could really thrive and be an excellent place to better oneself and learn. However, I feel that the organisers need to seriously consider the people they employ to run and teach the program.

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