Est. 1920 Burger & Beer, Nonthaburi


🌏 158, 9 Moo 3 Bang Kruai - Sai Noi Rd Bang Rak Phatthana, Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi 11110 Thailand (View map)

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Image Est. 1920 Burger & Beer, Nonthaburi

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👆 Web ⏳ 06-10-2020

Exceedingly Genuine Burgers Through and Through

Goodbye Burger King, I will no longer need you no more. And hello Est. 1920 Burger & Beer. It was so good that after my first visit, the very next day I forcefully dragged my family here for dinner. I am nuts about burgers and finding a good one out of the city, away in the outskirts I stay had always been wishful thinking. No one in in the outskirts understand burgers and no one makes an authentic one the way it really should be. My only place for something close, is Burger King that is located within a petrol station some distance away from my home. Why not McDonalds one may ask, they have burgers don’t they? Those… are shabby burgers, I consider them a substitute for burgers when you can’t find burgers. I pulled up alongside the pavement, parking for Est is anywhere you can find a space along the road. So, during busy times, it is gonna be a gamble trying to find a place to park. A short walk can be expected. Fortunately for me both times, I came an hour before mealtime and got to park in front of the restaurant. As I opened my car door, the waft of the griddle caught my attention immediately. The aroma of beef fats searing on metal, the kitchen is open and along the road. It smelt really good and churned my hunger instantly. I ordered the Extreme Bacon Cheesy Lava Burger. The wait seemed long, but it was not. It was the excitement and eagerness I had going on that made time stretched. The burger was finally served. The burger was stacked tall. The bun looked excellent. It had the looks of being lightly oil brushed and had a shine. There was a tad of elegant charring top of the dome. It also had the slight wrinkles caused by cooling after being heated on the griddle. Soft to the touch, it crumbled but not fracture. This ain’t no average supermarket bun, it was soft and had a fluff. A good carefully sourced bun or it could be home made, I don’t know. But it was good. Below the fresh leafy greens, the lava cheese envelops the patty like a translucent glistening skin. I went for it, waited no more. Zero to heaven in 0.3 nano seconds. It was at that exact point in space time continuum that I bid farewell to all my other burger places. My mind was going OMG so loud that if you stood near my head, you would hear my brain shouting out of my ears. The beef was excellent!!! It was perfect!!! It was juicy, not dry. It was spiced right, not blend. It was a good thickness, well balanced with the vertical ratios of bun, bacon, leafy greens and all other secret tantalizing whatever that was in there. It gave instant gratification when I bit into it. Plus, there was the sauteed caramelized onions which carried the umami of the griddle. That was a very rare find. When my palate registered those tantalizing onions, I was instantaneously ported to a period back in the great southern land. In the good old days when I fished by the docks of Australia, hot dogs topped with bountiful caramelized onions was my staple from the Deli after a night of fishing. I was back there again for a moment. After returning back to reality, I realized, Est is not your average Somchai or Somying burger restaurant. Like I mentioned, the next day I dragged my family here. And this time I had the Sweet ‘n’ Sour Burger which is apparently a signature of the house. It had double patties. Again, it was no disappointment. When I was eating it, I was in a world of my own, totally oblivious to the presence of my noisy kid and wife. It was a challenge for my mouth, the height of this burger. Already I had pressed it down somewhat, but the patties fought to stay in position as I chomped on it. The sauces and cheese oozed onto my hands, the oily bits fell. It was a mess, and this is the way my good burger should be. Greasy, a fall from grace to eat, you lose whatever decent elegance you have. Yes, burger, you are my kind of burger. The size of the burger may look trivial at first but don’t be fooled. It really fills your tummy right and it is a good “Asian” size. Sometimes, oversized farang portions, no matter how good, will tend to taste bad when you overfeed. Est does it just right, not too big, not too small. Perfect!!! We also had the pork ribs. It was rubbed well, the marinate permeated the meat. It was cooked right to show pink and was tender. A plus point was that there was no gamey odor. But it was not those ribs that just falls of the bone from delicate slow cooking kind. And it ain’t those that underwent a final smoke and saucing. Thus, there was no freckles of caramelization which should have introduced some sweet crunch to compliment the soft tenderness of the well-cooked meat. Well, perhaps, this is Est’s style and what is popular with the local folks here. We also had the 1920’s Homemade Chicken Wings. The seasoning was heavy and carried the taste of a far away land. It was well infused with the zesty sauce, but yet was able to retain the crispiness of a deep fry. Excellence to the wings as well. Thick crinkle cut fries accompanied the burgers. Well, they do have that golden brown crunchy outside but the insides could have been more floury. Perhaps it is the potato variety we are limited to in Thailand, perhaps it is the brand of chips they sourced. Burgers here, it was exceedingly genuine through and through. Est, where have you been all my life in Thailand??? I finally found you. It beats all burgers I had in hotels. Normally hotels with their foreign chefs is where I sometimes get a satisfying burger. But I don’t need no hotels no more now, I don’t need no Burger King either.

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