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Fishbowl is a thriving hub for fun, party loving people. We are right on the beach, one of the first true beach bars in Koh Tao that still exists!! In our thatched roof wooden bar you'll find everything from local beer on tap, to imported beers. Refreshing, potent or fruity cocktails, a huge selection of spirits of course the infamous Thai bucket and a shot menu that will keep you going all night!!! EVERY NIGHT we have live music from 8pm, our resident musicians play rock and pop covers. This is followed by our exceptional DJs who will take you through til the early hours of the morning. Come down and check our boards as every day we run a special and have great happy hours......If you've come away to relax and kick back, enjoy the sunset on our sumptuous two seater beanbags on the beach sipping cocktails. Here you'll find unusual takes on the classics where we've utilised local tropical fruits and delicate herbs. If that's not hot enough for you we have fire performers every evening. These boys are AMAZING, they start at 9pm, when you can enjoy the show and partake in skipping the huge fire rope or doing the burning limbo, and get free shots for it! It's all about fun....Dance on the tables, skip fire on the beach, drink cocktails, play in the sea, meet like minded people......We are open everyday from midday til 3am!
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Dirk E
⏳ 12-2021

Place to be in Koh Tao!

Impressive Bartenders, Good drinks, much fun on beer pong and dancing. Highly recommend. If you get a drink; Go for Lemon Tree or Joss Shots.
⏳ 12-2021

Let down by ONE member of staff

One of the greatest places you can go in Koh Tao, love the fact you can play beer pong and meet genuinely awesome people and has great location...
However, I had my night ruined by one horrendous member of staff.
Having worked in bars since I was 18 and running a busy pub for two years I know how the industry works. Never in my life have I been so shocked as to how unprofessional this particular man was. I was at the bar buying cigarettes when another man asked if I was being served, I said no and got the attention of another bar tender who wasn’t
serving to assist him. He asked for a beer which he obliged to, when the consumer said he wanted a larger one, he replied ’you have to ask for large’ the customer then replied ’that’s fine I’ll take this one and
the larger one’. Bar tender then proceeded to give him the same size beer and insist
he never asked him for a larger one. Still
at the bar I turned round to clarify he’d asked for the larger one. As I was talking
he grabbed my arm and shouted ’Don’t point your effing finger at me.’ By this point
the man had lost patience and walked away.
I decided it wasn’t worth arguing and
walked away also to join my friends on the
beach. We realised a couple of our friends
were still inside, so went to go find them.
The bar tender was stood in the entrance
as I walked in, got directly into my face
and shouted ’ where’s your effing boy friend’ I turned around and said that I didn’t know him I was just backing his statement up that he had got the order wrong, then shouted ’Im the bar tender, im never wrong’(to those who work in customer service know that is the complete opposite to the golden rule, however much we wish it wasn’t) and literally throws me onto floor and split my knee open. I did have several very sassy women immediately pipe up and surround him but I got told to leave the venue. I pulled up a security member afterwards and explain how unfair the situation was, to which he responded that his actions were being delt with. I passed the bar later to return home and saw this particular member of staff was sat having drinks with his other work colleagues clearly not being reprimanded at all. Absolutely abysmal.

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