Folk Ways Cafe’& Bistro, Khlong Yai


🌏 89, Moo 3 Mai Rut, Khlong Yai 23110 Thailand (View map)

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Kim D
👆 Web ⏳ 03-01-2020

Best Destination in Trat

We stayed at the Mango Beach resort 6 km the street where the food proved to be both poor and overpriced. By chance we discovered the Folkways restaurant down the street and had every meal here from then onwards. The food is consistently excellent and the service is wonderful. The prices are very reasonable given the heavy price gouging the hotel restaurants charge--prices here were less than half the price of our hotel, while the food was at least 4 to 5 times better, and the menu selections were 5 to 6 times as many. We ended up eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, here even though they technically don't have a breakfast menu.
John R
👆 Web ⏳ 06-12-2018

Excellent food, decor and service

I spend several months a year in the area and visit Folkways frequently. There is no other place like it between the Cambodian border and Trad. Decor and lighting in the spacious interior are world standard but make use of local materials and themes. The air conditioning works, although outside dining is an option. Music may be a bit loud but the tracks are modern Western favorites. The menu--actually three menus--are excellent and encompass cafe favorites, local dishes, seafood, Thai snacks and Western dishes,all well prepared by a chef who knows his business. The beer selection is extensive and well chilled, and, for a moderate corkage charge, they will open your wine. The service may be a bit rgged, but, what the staff lack in experience, they make up in friendliness and enthusiasm. The place has seemed under-patronized when I have visited, and I hope it can attract enough trade to keep it going for a log time. It's the best option out there.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 03-12-2018

In the middle of nowhere camodian,

Genius, exzellente place, Erdinger Weißbier, close to cambodian border, a place to be , unglaublich leckeres essen
Ricardo S
👆 Mobile ⏳ 17-08-2018

Good food, decor and music

The food was quite good, from starters to main dishes and deserts. Quiet and relaxing jazz music in a nice decor.
👆 Web ⏳ 08-08-2018

Fusion style cooking and a great environment

This bright and expansive location has a western Thai feel to it which is great. It feels like a large glass barn with lots of decoration inside and is quite unusual for the area. The menu offers lots of choice and the Thai food was excellent. Went for a special dessert which was a meal in itself - bread infused with caramel and ice cream and cream to accompany it. Plenty of western type items available also. Deserves to do well. There’s plenty of development here by way of tourism and trade with Cambodia so it stands a good chance. Very much recommended.
Tony H
👆 Web ⏳ 12-03-2018

A surprise north of Khlong Yai.

We were taken here by friends who lived locally and they had recommended the restaurant. Well we were definitely surprised and delighted by the restaurant, the staff, the decor and in particular the food. The restaurant is new, large and spacious. It is fully air-conditioned, and decorated beautifully with tasteful lighting, large art works and large hanging baskets of ferns. Three of the walls are all glass and look tremendous at night. It is a surprise to find such an upmarket place in this part of the world. Hopefully it will get its patrons from the growing number of new resorts along the coast. The food was Thai with variations. Evidently the chef likes to add his or her special touch to dishes and they were a delight. There was five of us dining and we ordered six or seven dishes. They were all excellent. We took our own wines and they were served in beautiful large wine glasses and they charged a very basic corkage fee. I would definitely recommend this restaurant and very much look forward to our next trip to Khlong Yai when we will certainly enjoy a great dinner at the Folk Ways Café & Bistro.

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