Friend Seafood, Ko Chang


🌏 Moo 4, Ban Kai Bae Ko Chang Subdistrict, Ko Chang Thailand (View map)

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πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 22-10-2020

Fantastic seafood!

Loved it! They have a big ice display out the front, pick a plate and Mama will grill it up for you. We had big prawns, a whole sea bass steamed, crab fried rice and stir-fried morning glory with beers for 950B! Everything delicious, super tasty spicy seafood sauce and piles of garlic. Also, contrary to other reviews the service was warm and friendly. Thank you!
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 09-07-2020

Fresh and​ yummy!!

We​ were​ about​ to​ select​ the​ seafood​ Buffet​ but​ the​ restaurant​ was​ closed.​ So​ we​ decided to​ randomly stop​​ at​ Friend​ Seafood​ Restaurant.​ We​ ordered Boiled​ cockles,​ stir fried​ clams, grilled squid, crab​ fried​ rice​ and​ grilled​ tiger​ prawns​ with​ lemon smoothie and​ mango smoothie.... All​ of​ them​ were​ super​ tasety ????????. The​ cockles​ were​ huge and​ very​ fresh, hard​ to​ find​ in​ Bangkok.​ Last, the​ bill​ was​ very​ ok-THB​ 1,010.​ Happy​ to​ come​ back​ next​ time.​ Thank​ you.
Jo S
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 10-07-2019

Great meal

Really enjoyed our meal tonight. Reviews suggest rudeness which we saw nothing of. Yes they might be shy but if you need something they are extremely helpful. Memorable meals were scallops in pepper basil sauce and spicy thai curry. Beautiful.
Ch B
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 30-05-2019

Not "Friend"ly, though very good food.

The "Friend" restaurant was recommended to us by hotel staff. (not related !) The reviews state an unfriendly owner. This is sort of true, the owner could have a more friendly attitude and could have a more polite way approcing people, though the food that is served is utterly fresh and delicious. You need to know what you want (Thai style) and the restaurant prepares this for you, therefore you must have some knowledge of the Thai cuisine. The rest of the staff is friendly and caring, though. One last point this is cash only restaurant. No pin and no credit card, mind you you are far away from the civilised world, that is what you wanted in Koh Chang.

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