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⏳ 12-2021

Incredible & Historical Rock Formations

We enjoyed our experience at the Phu Prabhat Historical Park in Udon Thani which featured some amazing natural rock formations throughout the park. Some of these formations seemed to defy gravity which made for some amazing photos. I also enjoyed that the park had mapped out a fantastic hiking trail to go from one rock formation to the next. We arrived late in the day when the place was practically empty and we trudged our way to the remotest and most beautiful end of the park on a cliff overlooking the valley with an incredible sun set. The park seemed to have ample signs with directions on where to go which I appreciated. I would love to visit this park again in the future to enjoy the historical site as well as get some exercise.
⏳ 12-2021

Must do in Udon Thani!

A highlight of our Udon Thani trip. We walked around for a couple of hours and brought a picnic to eat for lunch. There is good signage around the site written in English to explain the history of the stones and the cave paintings. There is also modern and well designed information centre next to the car park. I would recommend taking some lunch/snacks with you as there is only one small shop.
⏳ 12-2021

amazing !

we made a two days (three nights) stop in Udon Thani, among others for a day visit to Phu Prabhat. And it was more then worth it. what amazing rock formations and some prehistoric drawings. I really hope they will make it on the official UNESCO World Heritage list.
⏳ 12-2021


Nice place to wander if you enjoy simple hiking and checking out ancient rocks.

It’s about 2 hours drive from the town. And it’s best if you had your own transport, or hire someone to drive you.

It was generally quiet with not too many people when I visited.

Bring along a hat or umbrella to help provide shade from the sun. Going earlier may also allow you to escape from the intensity of the afternoon sun.

The toilets at the entrance are very clean and modern. There’s also a shop that sells some snacks and drinks at very reasonable prices.
Graeme H
⏳ 12-2021

Interesting site and worth the drive to get there

This park is a bit of a drive from Udon Thani but well worth it if you have some time and like to see historical sites. We didn’t have time to look around the whole park but were quite impressed with what we did see.
It was great to have a Thai guide who worked in the park who explained much of the history to our driver who could then translate into English for us.
The site dates back hundreds of years and helps to give some understanding of the people who lived then in earlier times.
⏳ 12-2021

Great Hiking Trail, Signs need a synchronized update

No easy to find but worth searching and to enjoy the wonders of nature.
When I did enter I got a plan and they said it will take me two hours all the way up to the top, and yes maybe depends how much time you will spend at the different sights and stone formations.
I took it as a hiking trail as it was mostly in the shade the trails are straight and the plan guided me thru, it was a really good 2-3 hour hiking trail in nature with some rocks!
The plan is not always helpful when you want to follow the rock formations and names and so on, even more confusing the Thai guide and the English guide have different numbers so the sighs to do correspond well.
All in all a nice get away from cities and noise into nature and walking up and down, with some funny stone houses and formations.
Take water with you as there is no stand in the park, only in front.

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