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Yasmin A
⏳ 12-2021

We had a brilliant time!

I’ve been reading the reviews and I am surprised at the negative comments. We had a guide that took as though everything from their biology, their figures each year re their endangerment to their history in Thailand (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation). We did not “ride” them though the younger ones did climb on for pics and a cuddle (laying down!). There definitely were not saddles or anything to that effect. The elephants appeared happy and social and the setting was breathtaking! One of the best experiences of our lives. The owners of the camp spoke very very little English (which some might consider rude?), however we had a guide who had a passion for elephants and had spent many years as a student learning about working with elephants before being able to guide us and educate us every step of the way. He had an abundance of knowledge. He was familiar with the elephants and it was evident that they were familiar with him. Sadly, elephants are an attraction in Chiang Mai, and some have little choice but to earn a living whatever way they can but I got the sense that if they had a choice, we wouldn’t be there. Further, the government is more involved with checking on the treatment of elephants and moved elsewhere if their treatment is not satisfactory. Our tour was not packed with scores of tourists, it was just our family, the guide and the elephants owners and not once did I get that sick feeling that their treatment was unethical. Elephants are very stubborn and when they didn’t want to do something, we just waited for them to finish eating or doing their business and we got on with things. I will treasure day and hope I get a chance to do it again.
Michael K
⏳ 12-2021

Excellent place don’t listen to others.

My family and I did alot of reviews of other places before we came here. Thank God we did! The animals looked well cared for and the guides were very nice. We felt very safe and had the most awesome time. We chose not to ride the elephants even though it was on their head as was offered to our kids. The place has beautiful views of a waterfall which you bath the elephants at the bottom of the trail. It is better than other places we tried to go at first. I can’t stress just how awesome this whole experience was. Younger Kids should get a half price discount so ask.
Robert O
⏳ 12-2021


Beautiful scenery in this area. Very happy, we were only customers, did not feel like tourist trap.
We rode a elephant, we only went for 30 mins, although paid for 60 mins, was all we wanted.
After,we feed the elephants bananas,very friendly.
So happy we were the only ones there, hate line ups.
I’m from Canada, but now live in Bangkok.
This countryside spectacular, thinking of renting a house for a month or two to explore.
Strawberries everywhere.
People are friendly,just shy.
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