Sava Beach Villas


⏰ 0:00 - 24:00

💵 THB 32,309 - THB 66,056

🌏 36 Moo 14, Natai Beach, Khok Kloi 82140 Thailand (View map)

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⏳ 12-2019

More beautiful than my wife!

The villa is located right in front of the beach, the feeling of waking up to the waves crashing onto the shore is just extraordinary! Although the beach is public, it's extremely clean. You might also find small crabs running around your feet! The pool located in the middle of the resort is one of the cleanest pools I have ever seen! No wet bandages, murky water or a single strand of hair. The bedrooms varies between different sizes, but most fit up to 2-4 people. The pillows have the perfect height and softness, so soft that I slept up to 14 hours and was late for brunch! Not only that, but the blankets were thick and the bed itself felt like a fluffy cloud. The bathrooms were nice and tidy, the towels were more than 1 meter long and not a single fly, spider, or lizard was to be found lurking in the corners. Unfortunately, there might be a few dangerous animals like snakes (which I encountered), so I wouldn't recommend bringing a pet. Overall, the stay at this villa was my favourite! I recommend going to a nearby supermarket to stock up on food and go boogie boarding on the beach. But be careful not to go too far (nearly 50 meters away), and the waves maybe strong so there is a risk bringing people who can't swim well. …
⏳ 04-2019

So beautiful you won't understand

The place is far from town, one hour drive from Patong. Our friends booked 4 of these villas. 3 of the beach front facing ones are with the same layout. 6 bedrooms huge living rooms! However please note each villa has slightly different decor and items due to separate owners. There's 1 staff staying in the house, the others just come in during the day. Such as preparing food for you in advance. However the menu is not exciting. Security is not an issue but you can't lock the main doors, so to some that is a concern. They do limit the number of people that can be in the villa, however that doesn't apply to the outdoor area so it's really fun in the pool and barbecue area. The remoteness of the place seem to be the only cons, so please consider renting a car to do some grocery shopping. Also wi-fi is weak in some locations. But overall super clean and so huge! Make sure you come with a huge crew. …
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