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⏳ 12-2021

15+ Years of Perfect Shirts & Suits

I am a very big fan of Sodhi’s workmanship. In particular the shirts are outstanding and so are the suits. Sodhi’s large variety of fabrics from European, mainly Italian suppliers, makes it hard to resist from ordering more than you actually need (lucky me having a patient and tolerant wife). Peter, the owner, has quite a talent of not influencing you in your selection process but catering your preferences, while ’stepping in’ if he sees you committing a fashion sin. This, as well as him being pretty up-to-date on trends is what I really appreciate. A couple of times, he dared me to go for some extravagant items (a very bright navy blue suit, a summer jacket from Italy) and those later became my very favorites.

My experience with Peter Sodhi & his products goes back more than 15 years, and it has always been positive. First coming to Bangkok in 2004, Peter has been my tailor ever since. Every time I flew over from Germany, dropping by at his shop was compulsory. Until today, I have had an uncountable number of shirts and suits made by him and quality has been uncompromising. When it came to my wedding outfits (Stresemann and Smoking) it was clear that I would also entrust Peter with this mission. Even though the Stresemann (a special kind of Long Suite) is not everyday wear, he did an excellent job and contributed a memorable item to my best day.

If you’re seeking for a flipside: Surely he is not a budget tailor, as you can find some on Silom road with 99 Dollar offers in unreliable quality, however, his prices are very fair given the quality he delivers.

Hope this helps! Max
Willem D
⏳ 12-2021

Outstanding service and world class quality shirts

I was recommended by a friend to go to Sodhi for my shirts as he had been purchasing from him for many years and because I really liked the look and feel of the shirts he was wearing. After having purchased many shirts from Peter now for several years, I cannot understand how anybody would go anywhere else. His shirts are of the highest quality and fit perfectly. Other than the quality fabrics and craftsmanship, the whole experience when buying at Sodhi is excellent. Peter is very knowledgable and takes his time explaining the different fits and looks. He is up to date on all the latest trends and recommends the look and fit that he feels will make you look the best. I highly recommend Sodhi to anyone who has been looking for a tailor who can produce the highest quality shirts and offers the most warm and welcoming service.
⏳ 12-2021

Can’t even copy their own shirts

Have used Sodhi for 5 years due to high quality fabrics and shirts - even despite hick-ups where cotton shrank beyond being able to fit any longer (at correct temperature) which Peter later admitted had been an issue but did not make any amendments to this.
Ordered 7 shirts in Januray and to avoid mishaps gave a previous Sodhi shirt as template to make it exactly as that.
Apart from not being as large, wrong button holes as the template shirt, the new shirts shrank 3.5 cm in length when washed at 40 degrees and now "Custom made" is "Tuck in every 3 minutes shirts".
Peters first reaction was it is not their problem how their material shrinks. What is the point of having measures taken if they are only right without washing the shirt!
Eventually he offered me 75 % off making new shirts. Why should I spend more money for getting shirts to the correct (?) measure at a so-called premium tailor at premium prices? Naturally this was not acceptable and eventually he replied:
"As agreed kindly return the shirts that you picked in early January.
And kindly email us as and when you will return them so I will keep myself available with the funds.
I did immediately after it was possible for my friend to return to Thailand after Covid restrictions but ...ZERO REPLY.

Sure Bangkok has more honest and professional alternatives.
⏳ 12-2021

Best shirt maker in Bangkok

I have been buying shirts from Peter at Sodhi for almost 16 years and i cant recommended them more, amazing service all the time as well as the quality and quantity of options and work they do. Do yourself a favour and stop in at the shop to gwt5 some shorts on your way thrpugh Bangkok
⏳ 12-2021

A great tailor

We have just been there and we have been his customers for more than 8 years now. The quality is outstanding and the way shirts are made shows how much does he care about details. All these would be more than enough to go there but the service and the way they treat you make it all just perfect!

Hoy hemos estado alli y somos clie tes desde hace mas de 8 años. Sin dudas hacen las mejores camisas de todo Bangkok. La calidad es espectacular y la atencion que prestan a los detalles deberian ser motivos suficientes para ir pero mejoran la experiencia aun mas con el trato que le dan al cliente. Es muy recomendable.
Geoffroy D
⏳ 12-2021

Great quality, service and kindness

I ve been a customer for almost 10 years I ve always been happy with my shirts. I ve reccomended the store to a couple of friends and they ve been just as happy.

The fabrics are nice, easy to iron and the service is always excellent. Last time we were in BkG I had my shirts delivered directly to the hotel, which saved us a few hours.

I ’ll keep going back.

Marco Samorini
⏳ 12-2021

Outstanding service

I have been buying shirts at Sodhi for 2 years now and never disappointed.
They have find a large choice of colors and fabrics for men shirts.
Be aware that Sodhi is not specialized into cheap shirts - but into quality ones.
He is always welcome to advise and you feel secure in your buyings.
I highly recommend it!
⏳ 12-2021

Great Shirt Maker

I already tested 2 tailors in Thailand. Both were not that good, that I wanted to go there a second time.

Sodhi was different: Only best textile (e.g. egyptian cotton), enters upon every customers wish. I have a long cacharel-pleat in my shirts. They did all my wishes not only very well, they did it without additional charge. Even sending the goods to my hotel was without charge.

I will come back. Definitely.
⏳ 12-2021

High Expectations Exceeded

I’ve been living in Bangkok since 2007. I’ve gone to many tailors and suffered many disappointments. I was very happy to find Sodhi. When it comes to shirts, they’re the best. Here’s why. The selection of fabrics is abundant. The fitting done well. The results are a custom shirt with any customized embellishment you’d want. Many collar and cuff styles, embroidered initials, etc.

What people don’t understand about Bangkok tailors is that they’re not a place to go to to have slacks hemmed or even cuffed or waist let out or taken in. Most tailors don’t have in-house tailors. They display fabrics, take measurements and send the fabric and measurements to their factories.

Also the fantasy of having one fitting and ordering a bespoke suit with hand sewn stitching and full canvass interface for $100 in 3 days is just that ... a fantasy.
There are tailors who will make a bespoke suit with fine British or Italian fabrics with all the hand sewn detailing but it takes about 3 - 4 weeks, several fittings and between $600 - $1,500 depending on fabric.

Shirts are a different matter. You can get a beautiful custom shirt in 3 days. And Sodhi has never failed to produce a great product. I’ve had about 20 shirts made over the years and they hold up beautifully in washing and dry cleaning. The cost depends upon the fabric chosen. The average I’ve paid is about $60 for a good cotton.

Sodhi does have fabrics for suiting ranging from wool/poly blends, all wool, wool and cashmere and wool and silk as well as linen suits. And they can be fabricated in a few days with one or two fittings. It probably will have a glued interface which is what you’ll find on most off the rack suits from top brands. And the cost will again depend upon fabric but will start considerably lower than those with full canvass interface. Most people won’t know the difference as a decent fabric and good fit will satisfy most customers.

I did buy a birds eye fabric Hickey-Freeman suit in New York but the slacks were too small. Sodhi was able to find a birds eye fabric in stock matching as close as possible to color and shading and fabricated suit slacks that worked perfectly and saved the suit.

I would recommend Sodhi to anyone who wants a great looking and wearing shirt as I’ve found even the most expensive shops in Bangkok can’t compete with the workmanship for any price.

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