Sometimes I Feel, Bangkok


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πŸ’΅ THB 2,848 - THB 6,032

🌏 5/1 Soi Sukhumvit 31 Khlong Toei Nuea, Bangkok 10110 Thailand (View map)

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About us

Coffee is a culture that brings people together. Our coffeeshop was created as a third place for people to share stories, laughter, or even work over a freshly brewed cup. We offer different types of beans and craft signature coffee creations with the aim of making each cup as flawless as possible. We also provide home made pastries, cakes, and gelatos.
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Image Sometimes I Feel, Bangkok

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πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 22-08-2020

Coffee shop

The owner of this coffee shop offers exceptional service. It's very cozy and accepting. They have great coffee choices and always are very welcoming.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 28-02-2020

The best baristas in the world

This place was flawless. The hot chocolate and coffee is amazing and their brownies with caramel on top are so good! Our first time in Bangkok, we came here and loved it and the baristas were SSSSSOOOOOO kind and smiley and three moths later when we came back, they remembered us and it was still as good as ever. There were two baristas and we also met the owner, who was just like his employees, super nice and friendly. On our last day in Bangkok (our second time here) they gave our whole family homemade wallets with our names on it! And there are six people in our family! They also had β€œThailand” written on it and a tuk tuk on it. They are so kind and I would HIGHLY suggest this place.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 02-02-2020


Passion and art style combined. The owner does a real effort to make a nice coffee. Its measured, weighted, adjusted, pressed to perfection. We love to see people putting so much of their effort into their products
Graeme D
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 06-11-2019

Amazing coffee shop in a place where OK coffee is the norm

I am a coffee enthusiast and over 40 or so years my interest has developed from being just a drinker to a roaster capable of producing coffee I consider to be equal to or better than almost all of the speciality coffee shops I have been to. Over time, on my travels around the globe, my expectations on visiting a new coffee shop (i.e. new to me) are rarely met but I keep looking. I have just returned home following a week in Bangkok. My coffee experiences right up until the last day were OK but unremarkable and reasonably typical of what I have previously experienced there. I was staying at the Hilton in Sukhumvit and did a search on things of interest around the hotel. An β€œItalian” district in Soi 31 caught my eye and became the destination for our morning outing. Several places met the basic criterion for being vaguely connected with Italy but the place that really grabbed my attention may not have screamed Italian but the sign β€œLever Coffee Machine” certainly did so. Stepping inside I did not see the Lever machine initially because it was hidden off to the side. I mentioned the sign writing and asked about the Lever machine. The initial response from the lady Barista was that the Lever machine was no longer in use and had been replaced by the very new looking machine on the front counter. Recognising my interest, the person I assume was the Boss Lady offered to fire up the Lever machine and said it would take β€œ10 or so minutes” to which I replied β€œlet’s go”. I suspect my request had laid down a challenge. The heating up process took maybe 20 minutes and then the Barista pulled several trial brews before eventually presenting me with my Espresso. By this time, my expectations were high and the Espresso definitely delivered. It was by any measure the best Espresso I have experienced in Thailand. All the elements I normally look for were present but somehow it did not deliver on what I have previously experienced from my best experiences of great coffee produced on a Llever machine by a skilled Barista. The missing dimension was a rich body, a silky mouthfeel and a long aftertaste. I blamed the coffee (from Northern Thailand) but just to be certain, I requested a second Espresso produced on the new machine. This turned out to be a night and day experience with the espresso produced on the new machine having all of the aroma, richness, sweetness and mouthfeel I was expecting to find from the same coffee produced from the Lever machine. Indeed, I commented to the Barista that if tasting the Espressos side by side and had to pick which one had been produced on the Lever machine, I would have got it wrong. In summary, β€œSometimes I feel” does not shout about itself but the people behind it are doing something very, very right. If you are in Bangkok, Soi 31 is a short walk from Phrong Phong BTS station on Sukhumvit. It is well worth a visit.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 10-05-2019

Hidden Amazing Coffee Club

Located At n A Hidden Area And I Have Found It Worth To Go. Super Cozy Entrance That Gives You Extra-Ordinary Feelings. The Decoration Inside Is Superb And Cool That Arts Lovers Would Fall In Love. Coffee Is Smooth And Great. Love The Place!
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 10-04-2019

Great place owned by a "good neighbor.

This is the place for anyone who is particular about the taste and feel of their coffee, but also seeks to find new and exciting ways to enjoy an otherwise already familiar drink. While browsing their menu, I was totally convinced that the orangepresso was the drink for me, but I wanted to know if I can customize a drink that's already unique to begin with, so I asked and the answer did not disappoint. ;) I loved how Jay, one of the owners, was very accommodating as he entertained questions about the shop and the coffee they serve. He shared how and from where the beans are sourced, what the approach to roasting the beans is, and a bunch of stories and experiences that really brought the cafe to life for me. Sometimes I Feel is definitely a must-visit for coffee lovers who find themselves in Bangkok. I'd definitely go back. <3
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 05-01-2019

Love the rich, smooth and good aroma coffee

Free wifi and cosy environment gives a pleasant feeling to enjoy the rich, smooth and good aroma of the coffee and snack. Once you are there, you will love it.

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