The Prestige At Homepro Chaiyapruk, Nonthaburi


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Image The Prestige At Homepro Chaiyapruk, Nonthaburi

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👆 Web ⏳ 16-12-2020

Prestige Burger very Prestige

In this obscure corner where Homepro is, I am astounded to find one of the best burgers I had in my entire time in Thailand. The way the cheese perfectly melted over the patty like glistening gold, the rich leafy greens that added a crunch of freshness. The sunny side up fried local styled oozed yellow yolk as I bit into the burger. It added the bold characteristics of Asian flavors. Pickled cucumbers balanced the richness of fats. And the star is that well-made beef patty that was cooked the way it should be. It tasted like it was freshly made. If you ever made burgers from a fine blend of minced beef, you would know that it retains the personalities of granules on every bite. It is not compacted till the level of processed meat, like that of fast food. The beef patty preserves the rich juiciness that flowed down your arms in a messy stream, and I like my burger authentic this way it should be. The granularity of the freshly made patty scorch on contact with the skillet which resulted in many tantalizing bits of sear. And this is the attribute of the burger I had here in The Prestige. The crinkle cut fries that accompanied was perfect with a crispy outside and velvety within. The only thing I would love more was that if the buns were slightly oiled before being pressed and warmed on the skillet. Just thinking of the burger now, I am screaming awesome as I type this review. I am hungry. In the menu, among others, you will only find one burger. And this one burger is all it takes to shoot you into outer space in a fit of gastronomical ecstasy.

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