Villa Duang Champa


⏰ 0:00 - 24:00

💵 THB 1,373 - THB 1,897

🌏 82 Ratchadamnern St. Sri Poom Muang, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand (View map)

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English, Thai

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This award-winning renovation of a colonial style building, in the centre of Chiang Mai, offers just 10 guestrooms and conjures up a peaceful, and rather aristocratic feel which is perfect for a laid-back getaway in this remarkable city. Taken from the name of Laos’ national flower, Villa Duang Champa , successful renovation into an elegant, four story luxury bed and breakfast was awarded by the Siam Architect , Association and its not hard to see why. The restoration pays attention to differences in each room’s design – each room is a triumph of tasteful, individual décor. Other delights include a winding staircase connecting the breakfast room to the second floor, a giant tree and lovely teatime table in the small garden, and the lighting; a mixture of contemporary and traditional approaches.Each room has large windows, which give plenty of natural light to highlight the room décor. Those who love colonial charm and minimalism will be in heaven here. The 10 bedrooms are spread between four bright floors, with views to the mountains. Inside you'll find comfy retro chairs, stylish daybeds, and old-fashioned lighting as well as interesting floor-tiles and individual pale colors on white color schemes.
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Beatriz S
⏳ 08-2019

Wonderful live music

The place is so nice and cozy, the waiter was very friendly and the live music is high quality. We have had a really nice experience! Very recommended if you want to relax, have a cocktail or a cup of tee, beer, etc We'd come back.
Rachel R
⏳ 08-2019


I was walking around during the evening market and decided to find dinner. I had my gps set to one place and the route took me down this street. I heard the music and quickly exited my gps because this is where I wanted to be. I wrote this review while the band takes a short break. If you’re wanting a big dinner or menu, don’t come here. But if you’re wanting phenomenal music with good craft beer and appetizers, this is your joint. Much better than the other music venue here I attended.
Kristen Kehoe
⏳ 07-2019

Great bar with live music right on the Sunday Night Market route

Love this bar! My husband and I stayed in Chiang Mai for about a week and came here 3 or 4 times. Lovely atmosphere (it's all open-air), great people, and always seems to have live music. We tried one drink our first time at the bar - I don't recall the name of it, but it was a cocktail with lemongrass - and it was so good that we ordered it each time we went. We didn't try any of the food, so I can't speak to the quality of that, but the drinks are definitely tasty. Definitely a good place for a break if you're at the Sunday Night Market. We ran in here once during the market when it started pouring. The bar was packed, but we were still able to find seats right near the band, and had some good drinks while we waited out the storm. Highly recommended!
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